Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

AGI Stduio 1 Folio Object 1 - Spinning Wheel Model

A 3d model of a spinning wheel I'd like to use in a short film or scene centring around weaving. 

1. Why are you doing it?

I made this model because I wanted to try making a full prop model with shading and texture. I'd like to see how I can blend this 3D prop with 2D animation, potentially using it as a basis for animating different angles of an intricate process. Overall, I want to be able to communicate the coziness of this detailed process, I wanted to experiment with how stylising 3D models can communicate this. 

2. Who else is doing it?

Ian Worthington's webseries 'BIGTOP BURGER" is a great example of stylised 2D/3D animation which is incredibly cohesive. On a more general level, Studio Ghibli films are a very clear example of intricate and warm environments. 

3. Method? (iterative loops and reflection)

Modelling this was a process of trial, error and research. I've done basic modelling in Blender before but I am not super experienced with shading or textures, so I tried out a few different methods. I also needed to research spinning wheels and learn how they function to get an understanding of the item. 

4. How will you make it work?

First observational sketches, then the model was made in Blender while looking at reference pictures and my own studies of a spinning wheel. 

For other parts of the scene: sketch, develop concept, animate, test, model (Clip Studio Paint, OpenToonz, Blender)

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By Miles Colubriale
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Published On: 14/03/2021




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