Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to this week theme of “force”, I had a specific set of rules as project guideline, which are 1. don’t use line to draw, 2. drawing in a circle and 3. using only one brush.

Based on these rules, I created 12 patterns. I tried to free draw each pattern and enjoyed the process as I haven’t done free drawing for a while. I also tried rotating the canvas while I was drawing so I could remind myself creating the work around the circle, instead of from a single angle / direction.

My work this week is inspired by the Finland brand, Marimekko. One of the design rules for Marmimekko is to bring colors into the long ,dark and cold days in Finland. For my project, I tried to create simple and doodle like patterns. Free hand drawing adds a sense of “handcraft” or “human” to the pattern style.

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By Gin Lin
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Published On: 12/05/2022