Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to the theme of Time, I have drawn four backgrounds using procreate, with colours representing spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring sky corresponds to a crisp blue with purple in the morning. The summer sky corresponds to midday and is a mint green with some crisp pink. The autumn sky corresponds to the afternoon and is a fiery cloud-like colour of warm oranges and reds. The winter sky corresponds to the evening with black and inky blue, a cold feeling. On these backgrounds, which represent the seasons, morning and evening, I have used flipclip to create some animations that represent the passage of time. On the summer background, the flowers are in full bloom. On the autumn background is the process of falling leaves. On the winter background is the moon in its cloudiness. The process of all these things happening is recorded in time. Explain what time is with this video ( ), we can learn that the four seasons and morning, midday and evening were important measures of time for the ancients.Related work is Time: "Four Seasons," The Seasons of the Year by StoryBots | Netflix Jr ( ). This is a children's song MTV, in which flowers are used for spring, snowflakes for winter, sun for summer and maple leaves for autumn. This piece inspired me to choose colours and things that represent the seasons to illustrate the theme of the passage of time. This is my work

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By Xiying Yao (Eve)
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Published On: 16/09/2021