Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity In response to the theme of time, I edited a short film. First of all, I recorded a quiet morning on the university campus. Students ran around the library in the morning. After disbanding, they went to their own target place. Man is as small as an ant, busy in different ways. This reminds me of the universe, where the earth is just like a speck of dust. Then, I used editing software to mirror the first half of the video, making it look like a spaceship traveling in the sky. Similarly, the work of time-lapse expert Enrique, who is an unusual combination of artist and professional, is a generous person. He unselfishly shares and disseminates what he knows, and for this reason, I highly recommend him to seminars and audiences that are looking to create technology. Beyond that, he did even more to create images. The boundless starry sky always makes people yearn for it, let people continue to think about the philosophy of heaven and earth, although very common, but very great.(

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By Chen Sang (Rita)
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Published On: 16/09/2021