Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to the theme of time as material, I made/presented/produced a short 2D sequence depciting old/knarled tree's in a snowey forrest. Writting on the tree's and footprints in the snow are revealved in a flash of lightning. It was made in TV Paint. 

By the writting and footprints emerging after the forrest moves by, I showed that a character has been moving or traveling through the forrest. They then reach a part of the forrest where another character has left writting and footprints behind in the past; left for the person to read in the future. A few itterations were made to test whether the past feels more present to the audience by it being revealed at the same time that the character comes across it. 

Similar work has been produced by the Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince VFX team, namely VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin, whose work in the film, specifically on the 'pensive', explores 'time as material' through double negative visuals, where the team realised the swirling world of memory and the past by developing complex directed fluid simulations. 

What is a Pensieve? - La Pensine mutine (English)

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Published On: 29/04/2021








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