Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to the theme of time, I choose the topic “captured time”,  For this project, I make a video. It show “still picture”(no reference object) and common scene. “captured time” by create a illusion, make people feel the time was stop.but in fact, time was lapsing, when the voice, light and shadow change in the scene, people could notice it was not a picture(time was not stop).  
Time was a parameter, people use it to describe an event or a movement.  From the video: “Spider Net Building Time lapse”(: ),I could feel the lapse of the time by the spider’s action and weaving process of the net,then I see a kind of synchronization between spider’s movement and time lapse. In our real life, light(sun and moon), tide and other objects, we use them as reference object to calculate the time.


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By Yiran Pan
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Published On: 12/09/2021