Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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In response to this week's theme Object Oriented Ontology, I explored a topic, the real world from the perspective of insects, to study the interaction between insects and the external world. I finally presented it as a video, and considering that insect’s eye deconstruction is different from human eye deconstruction, the video has also undergone some post production in AE. The video created by Larry Keeley includes similar works. His video discusses the eye structure of insects, and finally lists the general effect, which is also the source of inspiration for my work. By doing that so, I have a preliminary understanding of bionics and learned to look at things in life from a different perspective. In addition, this work can be applied to further design, such as interaction design or VR design, because it gives people a strong sense of substitution.


Larry Keeley 2011, Insect Vision: Ommatidium Structure and Function , YouTube, 19 September, Larry Keeley, viewed 09 April 2021,< >.

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By Stella Lin
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Published On: 09/04/2021