Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 3 Finished Object

- In response to the theme of ‘Found Objects’, I created a stickman out of twigs. The stickman does random activities such as diving into a pool from a diving board and mopping the floor. I also used the toaster, alarm clock and razor blade which the stickman uses to interact with them.

- I used twigs, rubber band, scotch tape and craftsmanship to assembly a stickman. Then I used the toasters side button (forgot what the exact terminology is) to treat it as a diving board. I placed the stickman there and posed it in a way so it looks like it is diving off from the board into a pool of water. Then I reposed the stickman again and attached one of its arms with a razor blade so that it looks like it is mopping the floor with a mop.

- Then I took the arms of the stickman and placed them on an alarm clock with tape. I placed both of them in a way that looks like those old school CRT TVs.

- I looked at a few websites on how to make a stickman out of twigs. I found this one by ‘Craftwhack’ (Gonzales, 2022) where they use twigs and strings to make one. I just substituted string with scotch tape.


- Gonzales, J., 2022. Make Your Own Stick People Family. [online] Craftwhack. Available at: <> [Accessed 21 March 2022].

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By Khatim Javed Dar
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Published On: 07/04/2022








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