Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Present Final work in once own creative way which can be a physical object, digital presentation or any form of Illustration


Highly fascinated with storyboard animation and how each panel in a story board portrays emotion is what intrigued me to present as my final folio. Knowing that I wanted to challenge myself in-terms of learning new animation software and presenting something which I'll be happy in making. I tinkered around with after effects and watched few YouTube tutorials to learn basic animations.

Classic Tutorial | Comic Book Title Sequence: https:


I used Adobe After effects to present my final folio work. 


The motion animation shows slides of work I did in different weeks where I presented my work in my own unique way. I wanted to render the animation in RedGiant Toon-it plugin, but the rendering time was taking too much from my mediocre laptop. Hence, I rendered the final project from RMIT desktop which unfortunately did not recognise the pre-sets that I selected while editing the animation in after effects. Anyways I was somewhat satisfied with my end product since it showed depth of field in that 3D transition. 


My whole experience in CPS was so amazing, where I made new friends who were so interested in what I presented each week knowing that this was my attempt to move out of my comfort zone. Max supported a lot and encouraged me every time which motivated me in learning and presenting my work in time. This whole experience was a challenge for me, and I have a learnt a lot from this class. Now I am going to take this experience as a lesson in my career to prosper in animation Industry if I am fortunate enough to get an opportunity. Just want to Thank RMIT in presenting such a gift to its student as a subject in their master’s program.

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By Arindam Chowdhury
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Published On: 30/05/2019




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