Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to the theme of forces, I made a collection of single line drawings with constraints on time (30 secs) and no colour. I did this using the procreate ink brush, a stopwatch and a random collection of portrait references. My initial aim with the task was to create illustrations focused on expression, characterisation and the translation of that emotion to the viewer.

By approaching the task this way I showed that the iterative process of illustration when stripped of time and method  (due to the constraints) places a higher emphasis on characterisation and raw expression. These drawings may not be the most technically beautiful or stylish works I have ever done, but the process does a good job of presenting the core elements of portrait art, the organic feel or “heart” and the direct, raw essence of the figure being studied.

Also interesting to note is the quick adaptions my mind and hands made through the iterative process, with the first few drawings being quite sketchy and odd looking, while later drawings almost presenting a sense of a newly developed style (very different from my usual work) created entirely from the process of imperfect and unfinished works. The brain begins to adapt to the clock and finds ways to circumvent the usual drawing routine in order to complete a more vibrant, interesting work.

Similar work has been produced by Niels Kiené Salventius, whose one line portrait’s explore this theme with minimalistic designs.  

One Line Portraits - Salventius

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By James Elms
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Published On: 14/05/2021








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