Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

For the topic of this week, I am more drawn to illustrate something instead of experimenting with TouchDesigner. I have always been fascinated by how concept artwork is capable to convey tons of messages within a single frame and most of the time they are not very refined. This gallery is of one of my favourite shorts “The Dam Keeper” directed by Robert Donto, and Dice Tsutsumi (do check him out, excellent artist in colours and lighting). I will try to paint something that can somehow externalise a character's quality.

In response to the theme of Characters and Events, I have created a drawing depicting an unapologetic nearly reckless mouse. This week's topic is difficult to be explored by TouchDesigner within a short period of time. And I wanted to flex some drawing muscles, so I decided to do a drawing of a random character.

By creating the kitchen environment, and setting up the mice sleeping on the pie as a quilt, shows the audacity and recklessness of the mice. The contrast of a rat taking the kitchen as the home is the main thing I want to show here.

Similar work has been done by Pixar Animation Studios, Ratatouille. Remy the protagonist is also a young rat who excels at cooking, breaking the stereotype of rats should not be in the kitchen.

Ratatouille. 2007. [DVD] Directed by B. Bird. United States: Walt Disney Pictures.

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By Izac, Kin Kui Ho
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Published On: 07/05/2022






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