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In response to the theme of time, I produced a testing video to explore the duration of captured time. The idea is inspired by John Kitching (2021), whose video discusses the existence and length of time. It is discussed that the length of a second varies from different perspectives object. I would like to examine how different objects feel and use time. Then I compare the clips together to show things happening during the same timeslot. Andrew Zimmerman Jones (2018) also suggested that time can also be an illusion as it’s the only way for us to explore and understand the universe. Though what has suggested is more of a theoretical and scientific hypothesis, it is not yet disapproved with evidence. These ideas I find quite interesting to be explored in animation later on. Therefore, this week I start by doing a simple test with a mix of captured time and fictive time.

Firstly, I take pictures of the continuous movement of different objects and animals. Therefore, the actions are divided into many frames. By combining those frames together, I am trying to explore the presentation of time. Though only the arrow of time can be found in physics, for now, time is a fascinating tool that can be elongated, compress, reverse in animation, game, and creative media.

Similar work has been done by Jan Dibbets (1970), who frame out the events of the day in one single platform in the work "The shortest Day at the Van Abbe museum", where captured time is presented to examine and track the differences in a daily routine of nature. Jan Dibbets (1970) also explores the presentation of nature. It inspired me to show time as a 2D visible object which could have its own perspective to be explored.

John Kitching. Who decides how long a second is?. 2021. YouTube.

Andrew Zimmerman Jones. Does Time Exist?. 2018. YouTube.

Jan Dibbets. The shortest day at the Van Abbe museum. 1970

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By Chow Vian Wing Yan
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Published On: 29/04/2021








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