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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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The final archive object is a prototype video of the 3D game. The players are able to interact with the objects and the objects will give back to various sound components. Each object has their own unique sounds, such as the standing or walking character will have slight cloth rubbing sound and footstep sound. The character with earphone will sing, while the cat will meow and trees have the sound of cicadas and leaves being blown by the wind.

It is possible to have a underwater concert, even the players are allowed to putted 100 sing characters in night city theater to have a large outdoor chorus. Or they can just have a cat standing under the tree to enjoy the breeze sound.

By doing different component, players have a certain probability to unlock new background music, most of them are piano song or drumstick song. The combination of music and graphics allows players to immerse themselves in a creative joy.

The background theater also have different environment sound, the underwater theater has fish blowing bubble sound, while the night city theater will have the sound of cars and blowing grass sound in the city at night.

Based on different texture, it has different sound when the player put object on the theater. The clay theater will have light and small sound, while the plastic theater will have a plastic crash sound or a mental crash sound for iron theater.

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By Meg Gong
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Published On: 11/06/2021