Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

We were given a task to brainstorm our ideas on what we planned to do for the 200 drawing exercise, an activity that encourages us to tap into visceral ideas through iteration.

The lectures today helped us understand how we could leverage our courses so that we could culminate the best Major and Minor projects for ourselves. As we enter the first week of 12, it would be best if I spent the bulk of this time on the iteration and the practice/reflective cycle. Matt gave us a good exercise to help stimulate this portion with the 200 drawing exercise. My main goal by next week is that through this exercise I would have at least gathered a solid grasp of what I would want to do for my Minor Project that prompts a question catering towards my discipline and engages me to tackle certain techniques in animation.

I’ve currently just created a basic sketch on the theme of my 200 drawing.  I thought of wanting to be able to portray weight effectively and convincingly. One could perceive animation as creating an illusion. As viewers, when we see an animation of someone carrying an object, we could only guess how heavy that object may be just through empirical observation as we can’t physically touch it ourselves. As animators, we can convey this through techniques such as staging, anticipation, posture, and timing. So this got me thinking, could I possible throw away all presumptions we have garnered over an objects’ weight, such as a light balloon, and make it feel extremely heavy using the principles of animation? These are just some thoughts I came up with as I drew my sketch.

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Published On: 27/02/2018




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