Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

by Xile Qiu

Context: In response to this week's theme "play and abtraction", I designed an ancient text decryption game. When I see abstraction I think of hieroglyphics. Because it is convenient for me to find the information of oracle bones, so I used oracle bones in the game.

Method: I designed a web game. The player opens the Web page and sees an illustration. Clicking on the puzzle section will reveal a roulette wheel. There are ten buttons on the wheel (with different oracle bones above). The player needs to decipher the correct order of words. After placing the words in the correct order, the player is instructed to adjust the content of the illustration. Because I only know a few oracle bones, so here with zodiac oracle bones instead. The decryption steps are on the next page. Explain through pictures and words.

Reflection:  Oracle bone inscriptions are written on tortoise shells or animal bones. Oracle bone inscriptions are mostly used for divination and sacrifice. On the game side, I always want to make something that gives the player something. So in this game I hope players can know a little Oracle through this game.

Reference: Keightley D N. Sources of Shang history: the oracle-bone inscriptions of Bronze Age China[M]. Univ of California Press, 1985.

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By Xile Qiu Selene
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Published On: 30/10/2022