Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The theme of this week is sound, my scope of activity is still in my room, so I decided to do some dubbing for a short animated film, including "original dubbing" and sound simulation.


I began to record the required sounds in my room, and they will become the editing materials. What I'm focusing on now is the sound effect part of the film. In order to make the sound more appropriate, I need to use the starting sound of my partner's motorcycle. I found one that can simulate the sound like wind on the speaker. Finally, I imported the recorded vocals into au for editing, in order to see the interest of different effects on the film. Therefore, I can say that after playing all the sounds in my room, the film became more interesting and disobedient.


I'm quite good at simulating sounds, and it's clever that I can make such different sounds with only one mouth. And in order to simulate the collision sound, I broke a glass on purpose.


I wasn't confident in dubbing and sound simulation at first, and after I really tried it, I found it very amazing. However, for novelty and richness, there are some shortcomings.

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By Junzhe Yan (Jun)
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Published On: 15/09/2021