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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Force


This week I used Procreate to create a short loop animation.

I used light as the theme for this week's Play and Force.


This week, I was thinking about what is the force of nature. This is easily reminiscent of wind, gravity, electricity and water. When I wake up in the morning, I find the light reflected on the walls is a very beautiful presence. I searched for the Tyndall effect and flare. In my search, I felt the charm of light and time in Simon Christen's video "Adrift" ( That's what inspired me to create this exercise.

My work is themed around the Force of Light. In my works have the following features:

  1. lFrom natural light spot to electronic neon light
  2. l Has a bright and dark contrast
  3. l Colorful

I created it using Porcreate, a software I am very familiar with. This animation is an experimental animation for me, as I am not an expert in lighting and shadowing. I focus the animation on the intensity of color and light. This was an animation attempt that I enjoyed very much. I think I'm 'Play', because my creation of light is completely random, it doesn't have a fixed rule, and I change the shape and expression of light projection at will. The only rule is to "glow".

John Sharp (2015) stated that games are a cultural phenomenon, to inform, inspire, or create art. When I take random light creation as a pleasant "Play", it completely becomes a creation and inspires art. process.


In this creation, I want to practice the characteristic of experimentation. Fixed thinking This is a creative state that needs to be broken, because fixed thinking will imprison the pace of innovation. Perhaps the first step for people to innovate is to step out of their comfort zone. I am trying to do so. I try to stop thinking about how to use a fixed technique to draw animation pictures. In this creation I simply draw the light and try to complete the animation using only some of the image processing methods that come with the software. This is a new challenge

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 22/08/2022