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Play and Object


In this creation, I mainly use Nomad and Blender for modeling and material experiments.

I tried practicing with six different materials, plastic, metal, moss, etc.


The theme this time reminds me of some videos I love to watch when I'm stressed out - "3D decompression videos". Ins blogger Matthieubraccini's video inspired me. (, this is her doing some 3D modeling videos about food. She uses geometry and uses looping patterns to create decompression animations.

These funny videos got me thinking about the connection between Play and Object. Object can turn the same geometry into different substances through different materials.

It's like the game Minecraft. I love this game so much because it gives players the freedom to create. And it's matter breaks through the shackles of different shapes (yes, it's bound by the same shape). This is undoubtedly very interesting. These blocks can be dirt, ice, water, or sand. It can make up any object in the world!

So how to implement the theme of Play: I checked the relevant copy on Maker culture. I saw an interesting definition of Maker culture in the book Information, People, and Technology, which is a non-professional culture based on the creative joy of creators, which is potential and flexible . Well no doubt this is a brand new attempt for me, first of all I have no experience in 3D modeling, my motivation for learning 3D is to create entertainment for myself.

So I decided to add some rules of the game to myself to complete the creation:

lMainly block

lMainly in transparent color

lHave different textures

I ended up creating blocks with six different textures for Minecraft.


This week I was very keen to experience the process of 3D creation. First of all it was a new experience, and when I imagined myself designing blocks for the Minecraft game, there were a lot of rules. These rules work well to allow me to focus on one aspect of design - materials. So innovation is a new problem, land? Sunlight? Leaves? These common Minecraft textures aren't particularly appealing. Then I think the most aesthetic value is the transparent material. I once created an entire glass villa in Minecraft (but it leaked) and it was brilliant at night. So I chose to focus on transparency, targeting materials on glaciers, moss, crystal, plastic and metal.

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 13/08/2022