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Play and self

This week I'm experimenting with animations, 3D models, and an interactive illustration.

The final choice was to use interactive illustrations to echo the theme of "paly and self".

I try to use interactive illustrations to make the audience feel one of my hungry nights.


In this creation, I chose to draw two pictures, the surface and the inner. And composite them in software into a mode that can be moved with the mouse to see through the interior.

Players only need to move the mouse to see what's going on in my head on this night when everyone is sleeping.


This week, in Uyen's class, we try to think about what is self and what is play. We should learn to think about how to present ourselves in a fun and meaningful way. First of all, I choose to think about the direct connection between self and play, and then think about what self is. Thomas S Henricks (2014) argues that we often feel ourselves in our culture, environment and our own bodies. He also believes that play is a form of communication, which is also often present in society, culture, environment and our bodies, much like what we often call self-experience.

So how to integrate play and self to communicate? I think I need to make players discover more about me in the play. And my message, is a very huge aspect. This reminds me that I have a habit of eating late-night snacks every night. But I also had some busy nights and fell asleep with a rumbling tummy. At this time, I often think, what can I eat or watch some food videos and think about what other people eat. As I paint, I'm thinking about what I'm eating each night and how the shapes of those foods become part of my body. Even though they are digested and absorbed, I wanted to put it in a simple way, that some incredible changes have taken place in my body and brain during starvation nights. It's more like a diary.

A similar work is the movie Inside out, which is a very famous movie. The movie uses two narrative methods, inside world and outside world. It shows the girl's growth, contradictions and state from moment to moment, through the way the two story lines intersect. This made me want to try out what ways can be used to show the difference between the inside and the outside.


During this challenge, I found that technology was still my biggest problem. At first I wanted to animate, but I found that I couldn't incorporate the elements of the play, it seemed very independent and just telling. Later I tried to do 3D modeling, but the difficulty was not only my unskilled 3D technology, but also it still lacked interactivity, it was very static. Later, I tried to draw a state, which was not very difficult for me, and could express my ideal picture effect. But it might just be fun. The next topic I think needs to be thought deeply -- to change a way of thinking.

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 27/07/2022


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