Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Abstract

This week’s theme is abstract, and the first thing I think of that can be combined with this theme is the common things in my life. Because of the lockdown, I can only take a walk near my home, so I want to paint the flowers I have seen.

Because my studio project this semester is very similar to this topic, I thought of some random animations I knew before, such as raven kwok. Furthermore, the firework show the other day reminded me of the work of my favorite firework artist Cai Guoqiang-Nine Class Waves. He visualized the waves and deconstructed them with objects. This had an impact on me, so I started to think about how to structure the flowers.


I plan the development of flowers. It can't be regarded as a story, it can only be my life. The flowers I saw are calla lilies, wisteria flowers and tulips. I draw them out, and then use basic shapes to deconstruct them. This is also my first fully hand-drawn animation, completed with procreate.

This is the first time I have completed an animation with all hand-painting. I feel very happy and can think about what they should look like next. Furthermore, in order to respond to this theme, when deconstructing the flowers, I chose basic graphics with lines to give the picture a sense of flow, even though my technique is still very raw.

About This Work

By Georgina Gui
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Published On: 07/10/2020