Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Top 16 shown on MAGI, 57 images are in the filelist, from 3-59. I have not included 1 and 2 as they don't add much value.


In the class, we saw many examples of abstract animation, I did not want to make one as it seemed like that was a common approach to the topic and I wanted to do something different. I had the idea to make art drawings that are abstract instead. I saw this video on Facebook, it got me to start thinking creatively about the topic and thus, I began searching on google for different abstract ideas, and found this image ( I attempted to create something similar in this triangle style to get started, as I have no prior experience with abstract art so doing this was a good warm-up in the journey of creating all the abstract art I made. “there is a large overlap in image properties between abstract art and traditional art styles” Redies, Branchmann (2017 after reading this I understood that abstract art is a topic that doesn’t require a checklist, it is a unique genre of art but also a pretty free and fun one.


I began drawing in Affinity Photo, a program that is like the well-known Photoshop. I drew different patterns and ideas. I randomly made some abstracted creature; it is visible in some of the pieces I made but in others, I attempted to hide it. I began to play with mixing options and made some interesting ideas, I push this idea as far as I could and got some very interesting outcomes that made it in the top 16 I have showcased on the MAGI website. I have made 59 different drawings and iterations through the whole process. I will provide them in the filelist if possible. While creating these different pieces I used a bunch of different brushes and created things based on trial and error, while getting very creative and interesting ideas from the brushes themselves, I also wanted to push this as much as I could throughout the process.


This week I created a response that was a bunch of abstract drawings, I began with looking up Context and decided to draw something similar to one of them that I liked, to get a sense of what abstraction is, afterwards I started creating more interesting pieces and drawings. Through making I began to see what else I could do with the pictures I made, I opted to try different mixing modes and edited some previous drawings to create a whole new drawing with many different layers. When asking some friends for feedback, I got the response, ‘what is it?’. I was instantly happy with that reply as that’s how I felt in class when the examples were shown. What is it? This is the reaction I am trying to receive from my work and thus I simply responded with thank you.


Through exploring with different brushes, layer mixing, and having fun drawing, I have a better understanding of the software and what it can offer, I am happy with the results that I got with the project I made. I made a lot of iterations and drawings to ensure that I get as deep as I could for this project, I feel as now I am equipped with different thinking in regard to making and I could use these patterns and artworks for textures or even create textures with the idea of abstraction in mind for the future.


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