Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Week 9 Finished Play


- In response to the theme “Play and Abstraction”. I hosted an event with Studio 1 class. We all played where you guess the word the person is drawing. It's like charades but you draw out the word instead of acting it out.


- The drawing event I hosted with other students does have a bit of competitiveness to it as there is a score tracker on how much score a player made. The idea of competitiveness is being used in this study (Mosovsky, K., 2018). They had the class in teams and played a Pictionary type of game where each student drew micro biology terminologies and other people had to guess it (even the people in the team).


- I used the skribblio website and hosted a room and invited everyone with the link to join the room and play several rounds. Along with that, I announced rules such as only using a mouse, drawing with one stroke or using one colour.

- I also had to host the event twice as the first time did not go well but here are the screenshots of a few games I played with Eammon and Yee.


- Here is the response to this week. APD Week 9 - Play and Abstract


- I wanted to announce more rules in the video but only said one rule throughout the game. I guess we were all having fun playing the game that I even forgot to announce more external forces changing the game a bit.


- Mosovsky, K., 2018. The use of a fast-paced, competitive drawing game as a student-approved review strategy for microbiology. Journal of microbiology & biology education, 19(3), p.50.

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APD Week 9, Play and Abstraction, drawing