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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Audience


The game itself basically coming from a real game I always play with my friends during free time. I think the game is called "Red hands". But I have not yet see any digital version of the game. Therefore I want to make a digital version so if your friends are not here you can still play the game. 


I used Construct 3 to make the interactive. I drew all the hand graphics and then made the game system. Player could click on "escape" to move their hands. The "computer hand" will take action to slap the plater hand in every 2 seconds. Once it slap the player hand successfully, then the game ends once. If you escape successfully, then you win.


The game itself now just have a simple system, but it can be developed more like to have a score system, but I think it response to this week's theme successfully. I considered about the theme " play and audience" a lot, I think it means audience must be involved in the system, so I immediately come to the idea of "call and response" which mostly happened in a concert. I think I could make a game to make player response to it, and then I remember the game I played a lot in my childhood. It can be like a reaction game to train your reaction. In real life the penalty is your hand back, so for the digital version it could be another kind of penalty. 

For now it is a single player game, but it could be better to have multiple player so make the game itself totally response to the "audience". 

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 25/09/2019






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