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Play and abstract


A general idea not based on any particular real person, thing or situation;the quality of being abstract

This week I watched a Netflix documentary series on YouTube called "Abstraction: The Art of Design." In this series, there are many different designers who define abstraction separately.According to IllustrationDesigner Christoph Niemann, abstraction is the process of changing the common shape of an object and making it more complicated or simpler.The more detached the object is from its natural appearance, the more abstract it becomes.

Sudden jumps, hues or distortions, deformations of style, time and space are all easily adapted in animated form.What I learned from this series is that the concept of abstraction is a very random, personally stylized concept.The abstract creation of the same object by different artists may be completely different.Twistering an object, choosing an unrelated color based on one color, or changing the form of an object are all ways of abstracting an object.


I plan to make an abstract project in Procreate.


Link to my response:

First of all, there are some basic ideas:

  • dot
  • symmetry 
  • throb / bounce
  • Replication and fusion

I respond to the abstract theme with a few dots as a starting point.You can think of the dots as planets.When the dots go from far to near, it's like stars colliding and merging and then separating.The important thing is to control the rhythm and direction of the dots to achieve different effects.

In this flat 2D scene, I used some zooming in and out to simulate the distance of the camera and the rotation of the object.

And then,when I put the frame layers on the same screen, I create some new abstractions.The movement of these dots makes an interesting pattern(The picture uploaded in this response).This is accidental creation.


Given the subject matter, I was pleased with the end result, which was my first attempt at making something abstract.I understand that there is still a lot to learn about this concept.

The theme of abstraction brings about more open thinking, showing an object from a more random perspective, explaining a complex object with a simpler picture or vice versa, and creating more regular movements that violate the dynamics of the object itself.


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Published On: 01/06/2021