Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

For this week's theme-play and abstraction. I think this theme has a lot of possibilities for creativity. Because everyone has a different understanding of abstraction. And I think that for a certain object, abstracting it is just the simplest understanding. But often seemingly simple items, if you want to abstract and creative, it will have a certain degree of difficulty. 
And I happened to have seen this kind of abstract idea on Behance before and used a model to show it. It is to abstract a micro scene. And the effect is great. 
The simple principle is to make a simple scene. Then use the low poly model method, and highlight the characteristics of each model, so that the viewer can recognize the attributes of the object at a glance. 
Each model is very abstract if viewed separately. But after merging into a whole, it seems very reasonable.


The method is very simple. I created an island with Blender, and the number of faces of the model is very low. Then I created the objects needed in the scene one by one, which are also low-poly models. Then each model has a texture, and on the island, I set different colors for different places. This will make the whole look richer. Then render the test, and set the focus effect on the camera. This can make the whole picture appear to have a sense of spatial hierarchy, and it is more in line with the micro scene. Then I added animations to individual objects, such as white clouds and the sea. Finally, export the video. After completing the scene construction in Blender, export the video. I used domestic video software to add sound effects and some special effects to the video.


This model was made by a friend and me. He provided some advice to me. Then we analyze how the scene of this model is expressed in abstraction. Hue is also researched by us together. He was also very satisfied with the effect and expressed that he would give me a set of pink tones for me to help him complete a scene.


In fact, for this kind of theme-play and abstraction. In fact, I am very confused. The point of my confusion is not the abstract part. What puzzles me is play. Because for abstraction, itself is very peculiar. But if it must be combined with play, I think it is even more difficult. However, I start with the part of the abstract to make my project. Gradually with the production of the project, I feel that this process is a playful process. Because most traditional concepts limit the gameplay to activities such as games or interaction. For me, the process of abstracting a scene or object is itself a process of play. Because at the beginning I need to analyze how I abstracted the object, and analysis is similar to the process of picking up equipment. Then the production process is equal to the process of killing monsters, and in this process, I also need to study the color of each object and the overall tone. Finally, I need to adjust various details, such as camera angle, parameters, focus, and so on. Also, adjust the rendering parameters step by step. Finally, when the video of the work is exported, it is time for customs clearance. This feeling is no different from playing games, and it is even easier for me to addicted. Because the production process is not complicated, but adjusting the details will make me very addicted.


“Blender product” by Егор Заборонок


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Published On: 04/05/2021