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"Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect." Wassily Kandinsky. Cossacks 1910–1.

It basically means that abstract is a form of art that separates a context and form to create the same context with a different form by using colours, shapes, mood, etc.

This week's response, I made a short animation of how an entity is being eaten up by unhealthy thoughts that surrounds their body and becoming one to that negative energy. I'm inspired by an artwork I found called Txema Yeste, Silver Metal Over Black Methacrylate by Pavel Tchelitchew (painting and reference will be attached below). I kept looking at this artwork and somehow it made me feel oddly afraid of something. Afraid of my own thoughts.

I then search more for references and I found that most artwork like this represents the artist's depression enticing their own body and mind. Using lining method, it represents their anger and all of their fed up thoughts. Another artist I found called Minus;Circle uses a similar method, but their artwork are a lot more surreal and chaotic.


If you're wondering, I found a 3d model of a bald woman online and this is very much perfect for my response! Unfortunately, It's not rigged. Due to the time, I realised that I don't actually have to rig this by myself. I used Adobe Mixamo's auto Rigger and it just rigged the character for me perfectly! Though with the animations, I had to make my own IK Rig myself using the past method I used in Studio 1.

Everything was made in Blender and edited in Premiere pro. I create a simple animation and copy paste it to others while tweaking and changing for other models. For the black and white lining, using DUCKY3D Tutorial, I used musgrave texture to form something very similar like the artwork.


A take of an abstract animation depicting negative feelings and thoughts enticing your body and soul


I've always been a fond of abstract, yet it's still hard for me to actually execute abstract art. It needs a certain creativity where you can separate meaning from form. One of the form of abstract art I'm quite fond of is through visual aesthetics from animation and film. Maxim Zhestkov is one of my favourite artist and my biggest inspiration when it comes to abstract digital art. But I'm trying to separate my APD work to something I've never done before. So I decided to create something that I woulnd't do, but it also something that I might do. 

This animation and artstyle is based on a game called Drakengard 3 where 5 womans dances with each other to destroy the world. I simply took inspiration of that animation and create something different and similar. As everyone kept saying: ideas are never original anymore.

My first response was trying to create a lighting where it looks like a modern renaissance art usiing black and white. Hopefully the idea is still there for other people to look at!


Tate Art Gallery:,withdraw%20something%20from%20something%20else.

Art 1:


Drakengard 3:

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By Alvin Khoe
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Published On: 05/05/2021


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