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This week's theme is about sound, I still focus on the space around me which is my room, so I decided to make an album for my room, including the 'soundtrack' and cover design for the album.

I started to record all the sounds that happened in my room, they will be the material of the album. The part I focused on right now is the cover design. In order to transfer sound into a cover design, I need to 'visualize' the sound first, I immediately think about vibration which is the reason for every sound. I found a surface that can vibrate when the speaker plays sounds. Then I sprinkle some flour on the surface and I play those sounds I collected from my room. The intention is to see how different vibrations can influence the shape and the distribution of those flour. I also did some tests to see different types of songs that do change flour's distribution in different ways, for example, I played 10 slow romantic songs and 10 hardcore rock songs to see the differences. So, I can say that the shape of those flour after I played all the sounds in my room is unique and only for my room. And I use that as a material to generate the cover design. 

I was satisfied with the cover design, the soundtrack still roughly how original material sounds like, I will do more editing later about the soundtrack, because I still learning how to use software to do that, and this is my first time doing it, so there will be some updates for the final submission.

This is really fun for me, to change an invisible sound into a visible figure and it is specifically for my room. Again, my focus point is still about understanding my room, and this week I was able to understand how my room sounds like and how that sound 'looks' like.
This is some themes that I really appropriated because it provides opportunities to look or listen to my room in a different angle and perspective, which I normally would not think about and notice.

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Published On: 15/09/2021