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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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Play and sound


This week I used GarageBand to create two pieces of music.

My theme is a day at the zoo.

The music combines traditional instruments with rock and roll, and animal sounds are added to accentuate the zoo theme.


This week I'm thinking about which theme to use is better for Play and Sound. In the end I decided to play instruments. My inspiration came from the white noise I really like to listen to before bed. Most of them are sounds from nature, such as ocean waves, forests, birdsong, insects. Such ambient sounds, combined with some dynamic images, tend to calm and immerse people physically and mentally.

When I was searching for white noise, I saw a lot of videos. Soothing Relaxation ( is a YouTuber whose videos are all about great white noise experiences. My work leans more towards creating some ambient music that gives a feeling of being in it.

The first piece of music I wanted to show was a nice afternoon date at the zoo:

  1. Used animal calls
  2. Use electronic drums to create a pleasant rhythm
  3. The synthesizer plays a piece of music

The second piece of music is based on some traditional Chinese music. I wanted to create a scene of grandpa taking his grandson to the zoo on weekends. I was inspired by the Beijing drum, which is very popular in Beijing, such as this piece:

  1. Using a piece of music similar to Beijing drums
  2. Animal calls
  3. Contrast a piece of rock music with the laid-back old music. (I want to highlight the difference in age and thinking between grandfather and grandson by comparing the types of music)


'Music and colour are directly linked' (Fireside Studio 2020). When I'm making music, I try to create a piece of music first, and then imagine what it's like in my mind, for example, today's story happens at the end of summer, with blue sky and harsh white sun. Later I decided to add some electronic drum rhythms to the music to make it more in line with the situation I had in mind. A quick stroll with nothing to do. I pay attention to the rhythm, I try to create the atmosphere by combining different pieces in the same rhythm. As in the dance, new motions and rhythms sprang out of the music — and the rhythms became more and more important (Fischinger 1947).

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 21/10/2022