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This week’s theme is play and force, I decided what to do at the moment I hear this topic. Because my cat Miyu’s 9 month birthday is coming, I decided to hold a special birthday for her, she is the ‘ruler’ of that day, the only rule is to make her happy.

In order to do that, I need to figure out what are the things that can make her happy.

I start to record and analyze her every day’s life, including what things does she do, at what time, what’s her habits, how does she feel and how does she show her feeling.

I made a schedule about all the tasks and services I need to provide for her. And I made it become a one-day game, the intention is to make Miyu happy, every task is worth 10 points, and if I do something that makes her unhappy, I will lose points. Except for the pre-planned schedule, there is a backup plan which needs to be applied and adjust during the day, for example, I calculated her average walking speed, if there is someplace that takes her a long time to walk through, that means, I need to clean out the place for her or, I need to whenever she wants to sleep, I need to stop what I am doing and be quiet. At last, the score needs to be higher than a certain number which means this birthday is a happy day for Miyu.

I was thought I know everything about my cat before, and I think I such a perfect owner. But after I start to analyze and record her daily life, I found out that I am not that familiar with her everything, and I still think I am a very good owner, but there are many things that I need to improve. I decided to do this periodically, it is interesting, and it helps me to get closer to Miyu. Now I have become more familiar with everything in my room again.

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Published On: 30/08/2021