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play and forces


This week we need to respond play and forces. Forces is a generalized word, it can be a lot of things. There is a animation I found when I was doing my CPS work. The animation named Tsumiki no Ie and made by Robot Communications. This is a 2D animation show a world submerged by ocean. People need to build them house level by level. A old man fell down his pipe to bottom level of hours when he move the furnish. And he go underwater and find some memory. The ocean in this animation is a kind of the forces, it is a forces that make people have to build them house level by level. And the memory of old man is another forces that make old man want to go underwater.


So I find some forces in my CPS work. In mr CPS work I build a layer world, the character only can go to under world through eraser the layer by me. He couldn't go upper world cause when the layer be erased it cannot be recover. 


In my work, the character want to go to another world is a kind of force to make he going down. And when I eraser the layer is a kind of the force to allow him to going down. In the end, the force that make him going down is the erased layer cannot be recover. 


When I think about what should I do to respond the theam in this week, I really have no idea cause it is very generalized. And I saw the work that I made for CPS, I realized that there are some forces in my work, and everything can be force in the world. Every animation have forces inside them, we have forces in our life, the world have forces in the world. The force is everything, everything can be forces.


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By Chemy Liu
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Published On: 08/04/2021