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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Force


As I am reserching for the sound animations which include sound as constructral element within the animation, I also really like to watch those animations steped on spots and particularlly response to the rhythm, rather than using colour blocks, I also fascinated by the scribble lines now. They are simple but could give a really nice performance if well used. 


Because I want to work with sound, I started to find beautiful musics which has a clear rhythm in it, and then I came to Max Richter's Vladimir's Blues. For this week's theme, force, I think I could include some force element like wind, and make all this in one single frame by frame animation. 


I intend to show the wind and the character is resisting the wind(walking against the wind force), when there is higher tone appear in the music, I make the wind become visible and puncture into the character's body. The character seems to be structured by scribble lines so wind blade can go through it and it won't get damaged. I also intended to metaphoring the cold wind in winter is really hurt when you in it, especially if you live near water in Melbourne.

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 26/08/2019




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