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Play and Place


I used to see a group of photograph which the photos in the link above, they take photo with historical image in the exact place in the present, which I think is really nice and meaningful in sense of present and past, also important about the place. A place where contain stories to tell both in the past and the present. Therefore I also want to make an interactive activity base on this thought. 


Take photos > record the coordinates via compass app > create QR codes for the clue image > put QR codes on photo > print photo > cut the photos to pieces > people need to use the cut photo and hints from the QR code to find the exact place where it been took. 


I think it is pretty interesting idea where we can get people to go around city(or some places have story), when I take the printed photo to find the place, the precise direction and position, the goal make me very excited. If friends can get together and find each place, there is sense of accomplishment and satisfaction coming up. 

The idea also comes from the lecture which we talked about "treasure hunt in city", I think it is hard to put "real treasure" to the public space, so I considered to have digital treasures. The places I chose are all some kind have a historical meaning and attempt to be narrative. In case we don't have much time, so this could be just a prototype of the program. I think it can also be a program provide mainly for the tourists, they like taking photos, so we can put more pleasure into the action of taking photo. This is a good chance to make people to know their city, and the story of the place. 

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 18/08/2019


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