Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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This week‘s theme is play and object. During the class, we thought about words about objects as well, the word I came up with is the 'property' of objects. My idea is to make something based on one property of different objects. I was inspired by 
Carving crafts, first is a very famous jade carving exhibited in Forbidden city. Because the jade has a green spot at an unusual part, the sculptor follows this pattern and carved a small bug at that part which made the craft has higher artistic value. The other example is a woodcarving work by Wentu Feng. Woodcarving's content depends on the raw root's shape and the trend, different root is appropriate for a certain theme and content which is same as my idea as well.

The property I focused on is shape or form. I was trying to make several small models based on different objects' shapes by using a 3D printing pen (A gift from a friend). 

Each model is unique, because of the shape of that object it builds on.  Some of the models are made on a broken object, some are little scenes according to the objects' shape, some are topography-based different shapes. 

The tool (3D printing pen) is interesting, but the point is the way to use it. This week's practice reminds me that there are more perspectives about how we observe things, there are more details and information hiding behind each object, they can only be noticed when we observe them from another direction or interact with them. 

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By Xianyao Li (Lee)
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Published On: 30/08/2021