Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


I took the concept "time" in a literal way instead of figuratively or in a technical-conceptual matter. Since there are various approach in the concept of "time", I decided to use time by playing with the concept of past and future.

I made a short narrative about how skin care serums are meant to "reverse time" for our skin to make us look younger. What if the serum not only does that to us, but to other stuff as well (like an apple)

I took inspiration from the film Doctor Strange where he uses the Time stone to play with an apple's life stages.


This is my first time using stop motion. I wanted to detach myself for once from digital and create the concept of "play" through real life matter. I used Stop Motion app for iPad and basically create a makeshift stage using my computer table and my computer screen as a background.

I also used After effects for the glowy effect.


What if skincare serums actually reverse time in each drop?


Creating something outside the digital world is challenging but also very fun. I get to use my creativity a lot by using stuff around my house to create a creative outcome. This is also my first attempt in stop motion and there are quite a few challenges as well, like making sure everything stays the same in every frame and the only thing that can change is the apple's position.


Doctor Strange apple scene:

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By Alvin Khoe
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Published On: 23/03/2021


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