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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Time and Loop


The idea is basically coming from the Dockland Ferris Wheel which I observed at North Melbourne station platform. I think the light performance looks really nice and think that if I can create such kind of effect using Unity. 

Video I took:


As I am studying Unity now, I try to make the light particles loop itself and run surround the character. I researched for how to use the particle system and third person controlling system. I also have borrowed the skybox free assets from unity assets store. There are many different values to adjust in the inspector window, I played with those values and try to make the light effects around the character. 

I also asked my friend Xiaoxu who like to make music and she create the mysterious background music to best explain the atmosphere of the game environment. 


The colour and the amount of particles is changing along with the time changing. Each particle have its own looping cycle in the space, therefore they are loop and increase within the time, which is what I want to create to suit the theme. I think this work preet well, but I still want to explore for a better path for the particles movement and balance the amount at each field.

From this practice I learnt the new function of particle system in Unity, and also the player controller. It was fun to take time discovering the world of Unity. I'm still new to unity, but the process was fun. Particle system also provides many possibilities for different kind of effects like fire, snow, smoke, fog an etc. This is a very successful first try to know about the particle system. There are more potential in it and I believe this may could give my game project better appearance and more features. 


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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 07/08/2019


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