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Play and stilness


This week's theme is stillness.I think stillness is a state of relative stillness. It's not completely quiet and stopped, but rather slow, soft and relaxed.It's like being in nature, the sound of rain, the sound of birds, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees -- it's a natural environment with no tension, and that feeling is stillness.


My inspiration comes from the artist Nikon video :

He took photos from a different perspective, through a crystal ball.The world seen in the crystal ball is not only different, but also miniature and magical. 

His ideas also inspired me.So I thought, why not put a few stilness snippets in a crystal ball?

Jacob, another crystal ball photographer, pays more attention to shooting more prominent independent objects with crystal ball, such as a flower or a tower.His videos show how to choose a better vantage point to see nature in detail:


Like a sorcerer who can see different images through a crystal ball.

I use a crystal ball as the subject and put scenery related to stilness in the ball.Bring a totally different stilness by changing scenery and sounds.


In response to this week's theme, I'd like to put stillness of nature into a crystal ball.I want to make a hand-drawn animation in procreate.

Since I'm not very good at 2D animation, I spend more time on drawing and pacing the animation in procreate.Another difficulty is that Procreate has a hard time layering background and foreground animations, making it difficult to have multiple objects moving at completely different rhythms at the same time.

my work link:


I think I should put more effort into improving my painting skills.

The work's main crystal ball is missing some of the more real light, shadow and perspective.


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By chythia shen
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Published On: 20/05/2021