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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and stillness


"Animation is not a matter of movement alone, but a matter of movement set in relation to stillness."- Esther Leslie

I was really inspired by the sentence that animation is in relation to stillness. Animation is based on stillness, that they are moving still images. Animation used to be pages of hand drawn images.

When talking about stillness, I always recall from Totoro’s one scene, that Totoro and the girl is waiting for the bus in the rain. Characters are not moving, but the environment (the rain) is demonstrating that this is an animation. I really like the combination of motion and static inside the scene.


The context leads me to create a character is waiting for a train in a train station, where the wind blow on his hair is demonstrating the motion, and the action is waiting, which seems mostly static. Train will pass through quickly which could create a contrast between the character and the train, also emphasis the quiet environment in the night.


I enjoyed the drawing process of this animation well, I want to create a quiet and static environment, therefore I chose to draw in a small town in with mountain and the time is in the night. There is only one character waiting for the train, which is also suggesting loneliness, that can provide more contrast when the train is quickly passing through. I want to make a big difference between static and motion in this work, and I think my first try was satisfied. I am very happy this the final outcome.

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 09/10/2019






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