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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and Materiality


Animate Photograph

In terms of material and immaterial, I searched for animating photos and found the work which is animating old photos. Photo is bringing the real to digital, I was interested about to bring still and real world into digital form. 


There was one day I sit on the grass and gaze at the lake side in the sunset. I was fascinated by the beautifulness of the landscape, which is picturesque. Then I suddenly thought that if I can animate the landscape. I took the photo of the lake side and inset it into Toon boom, and try to figure out a narrative, which finished by the magical lake monster change the world into painting.


My comprehension of material and immaterial is about reality and digital. Like AR and VR is the best example of the terms. I was trying to find another way to transform reality into digital world. That's why I searched for change photo to animation. In fact, I found a lot of commercial tools that can let you simply animate your photo by yourself, I think there is a social need for people to enjoy a creative world, and there is also an entertainment between reality and virtual. The making of animated photo was fun, but this was a hard try for me to animate an environment. However, I think transfer real environment to a cartoon is the most powerful way to present my idea, and I really like the natural world. 


Nowadays technology is getting crazy of finding better and better way to simulate reality in digital world. 3D models, game environments are all pursue for realism. I think represents our technological development and futuring the world, but I then start to think is there another approach for people to transferring real world to digital beside the VR and AR? I think what I have done was just a try, and there might be already a lot of people have done the same thing. However, it was fun, and also inspirational which can provide a lot of different ideas from here.

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 02/10/2019






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