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Play and Object


Suiggle bird game

How to draw from a squiggle

String Art


Tool used: Feather, ink, glass pen, pencil, paper.

First tear down the feather, and put them randomly on the paper, outline them with glass pen and ink. Drop ink to the paper, and then use feather to draw.


As this week's theme is object and play, I try to find some object that I can play with, and I found the feather object in my drawer. I remember that there are some people can use string to draw, so I think I might could use these feathers to create an artwork. The process of creating the artwork might better to not be on purpose, I refer to the drawing excersice of "squiggle bird" that firstly just messing everything out and consider about how to compose them together later. After outline the feathers, I found that it looks like a bird, with the red ink it becomes more similar to a Phoenix. 

I am really fun to play with the feather and ink, however my drawing skill need to be trained more, I try to use all these items to have an unusual paing process and also an unprecedented outcome, and I think I opened up a relatively unique drawing process. I am happy with it. 

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By Ashley Liu
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Published On: 15/09/2019




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