Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I finalised the idea that I started with of my rotoscoped cat video, and went in the direction of exploring aesthetics of arcade games like Pacman or Galaga

I wanted to explore how these games used particular visual cues to create the arcade game experience for players. Mainly, I found that these games would have dark or black background with brightly lit colours for sprites and characters

I found in the process of experimenting with this gif that using time remapping had a huge effect on the movement of the cat and the flies. In having some of the motion move every second keyframe and the pounce at 24fps, the fluidity and suddeness of the pounce is stronger and more effective. I applied this to the flies as well, using frenetic framing and drawing them randomly to create more of a 'buzz'

I also used blend modes extensively in this to enhance the main fly in motion

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By Hattie Read
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Published On: 18/08/2020


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