Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


In response to the theme “Abstarct” I made a 2D animation using only a black line. The animation is built on the collection of literal realistic sounds. Sounds such as rooster crow, clip-clop with the tongue by a human, radio broadcasting, and so on. They are connected by me chaotically in purpose to visualize them using one black line which can transform and form abstract objects from time to time.

The process of play in this response is rule-based because I needed to follow particular sounds. However, the play itself is emergent and experimental, because 

visualization had nothing to do with a realistic representation of those sounds. The concentration was only on the emotions, which emerge while listening to them. 


Using pure lines I tried to arrange them in time and space followed by sounds. I explored the communicative power of line and tried to inspire an emotional response. The lines tremble, they intersect, divide into parts and sometimes form objects. As this response is abstract, objects, which emerged throughout the process were independent from visual references in the world. For example, lines formed symbols and symbol-eating objects resembling herbivore flowers. 

Also, I paid attention to the rhythmic component of the sound and subordinated the movement to the rhythm. 


This response is connected with the ludic process of the play. I was inspired by the article: “How Designers Play: The Ludic Modalities of the creative process” by Derek A. Ham. 

This work represents the idea that play and playfulness are crucial and essential elements in creativity as a whole. 

“Ludenism” -may be the best practice philosophy for designers. The effect play (being in the ludic state) has on creative endeavors cannot be understated and should stand firmly at the core of the design process.

The process of finding a solution to any given problem is not linear. Solutions are often found when the problem is seen in a new way. Seeing things in new ways is a core principle of play and an effect of being in the magic circle. 


Abstraction is always connected with pulling the inner meaning out and it’s impossible without being playful and ludic. My response also is fully connected with the sounds and music itself is considered the most abstract of arts. 

The visualization of sounds creates a non-objective animation: it shows that cannot be seen. Animation is the ideal medium through which to explore the dimensions of the inner world, the “internal truth” and explore the possibilities of pure, kinetic, graphic elements. “An abstract animation allows the liberated imaginary of the static arts but with added dimensions with time and motion. Here we can literally see the point moving, creating a line, a plane that is implied by the movement of the line or other visual elements movements.” (“Content and Meaning of Abstract Animation” Pamela Turner)

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By Yana Fidan
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Published On: 18/10/2022


APD, Advanced Play Design