Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the eighth week of work, I studied the concept of time.

According to the word 'In a Wiki In each room of the house, time moves at speeds.' I use animation software to produce two different spaces. The two times run in two separate rooms. One is slow another is fast. Put them together , Then get a very strong contrast. It reminds me that there are different time zones in the northern and southern hemispheres. Different dimensions also vary. The maximum combustion speed is the same but the space-time concept is different. For example, China is in the northern hemisphere and Australia is in the southern. How to express the time difference between them.

Once in Ming Gao's book "genius on the left and madman on the right", I saw a concept, a psychopath, always staring at the stone, because in his world, the stone moves much faster than people so human beings cannot detect the movement of the stone at all. Although this statement cannot be taken as true. He gives us a much broader picture of time. In spite of the book does not have the literature and evidence to investigate but many of his short stories are creative and inspiring.

In ’Zootopia‘the sloth talks and works at a super slow pace. But the impatient rabbit does everything very quickly. In fact, the two times in my works are not just pure contrast. It also expresses that time is different for everyone. Some people cherish every second of the time and do things quickly. Others do the opposite. This led me to think that time means different things to everyone.

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By Ivy Wang
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Published On: 28/04/2020