Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the work of the 12th week, I studied the work related to movement.

By using animation to express life choices, people can freely choose to spend more time in places of greater interest. It won't change because of society's opinion and the pressure from family.

I actually got the inspiration from a video on an English learning website, because the video of oomongzu is describing the tenses of English, expressing the past, present and future.

By imagining the concept of movement, I associate it with the things that surround me. Positive, negative, character, influence and time associations. Through the exercise of time, I think that people if can control the proportion of time in their life stage. For example, they want to spend more time studying or enjoying life. Because it may determine the direction of their lives. They can play and see the world, which makes them very observant artists. Or spend more time studying medicine and treating people. In fact, I want to express people's different values through this form. For example, there is no good or bad career in the world. It's just that everyone understands and likes them differently. For another example, some people prefer to live in warm places, while others prefer to live in places covered with snow. You can think about it a little bit more with this point. People take every step, there will be a different result, this is the fork in the road of life. This malleable topic will also help people find purpose in life.

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By Ivy Wang
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Published On: 26/05/2020