Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In week 11, I did research on people.

From the conflict, value, and emotion clues to the character association. According to the teacher and the classmate's suggestion, thought of the character and the world's relation. They need and depend on each other, but what happens if one day they disagree? They will hurt  and confront each other. Then I thought of the clue of the story, from 

"They clashed with things.

Different plants use their own characteristics to attack humans.

But some of the animals that have become friends with humans have joined the fray.

But a leader is a stubborn person with character flaws.

This makes the conflict even more intense.

This is the confrontation and negotiation between nature and all the living things in the world.

There are different results around the world. They are not always in opposition to each other.

The world was once again divided into many new nations.

Some are ruled by plants, some by animals or humans."
Personify the conflict and show it in the form of a split mirror.

I think all the works about environmental protection can be related to my story. Meinart Animation is representative. Although they depict human influence on animals and the environment. Thinking about this topic from a different perspective, it can not only be derived into human protection of the environment and animals but also can show the relationship between plants and animals. They depend on each other. Each word manages its place and if that balance is upset. The world will be a mess.

I think a lot about the characters, mainly about their relationships. From the relationship to their characteristics, it can trigger a person's distinctive characteristics, such as personality, experience, thought and so on. But the most malleable point that may is conflict, which is like a web that better links all the key points. For example, people between people, people in the environment, people's creation, people's emotions. It brings both positive and negative perspectives, which will bring a lot of creativity and fun to the story.

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Published On: 19/05/2020