Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week we are learning about sound, so I designed a prototype of an interactive VR game and then improved the experience of the game by adding reasonable sound effects.

I added two types of sound effects, the first is the natural environment sound effects. Such sound effects include the chirping of sea birds, waves and the sound of the wind. The main purpose of this type of sound effect is to enhance the comfort of the environment and allow fishing users to experience a more realistic natural environment. The second type of sound is feedback is similar to Non-diegetic sound. For example, reward feedback sound. This type of sound can stimulate and encourage the user. This type of sound effect will appear when the user achieves a certain goal or obtains loot. The purpose is to form positive feedback in the game and increase the user's motivation to continue the game.

Sea of Thieves is a first-person role-playing game in which the player plays a pirate who can go online with friends to explore a vast sea of pirates looking for treasure. I included this work as related work because Sea of Thieves has an excellent environmental design. Sound effects and visual effects are strongly related, and each scene has a very good sound design. For example, the sound of a stormy sea is completely different from that of a calm sea. Such meticulous sound settings enhance the player's gaming experience, allowing players to experience the thrill and realism of adventure. My works refer to the sound design of Sea of Thieves and try to consider every possible sound effect when designing the sound so that the sound design can improve the game experience. following is an introduction video to Sea of Thieves (TC, 2022).

according to design thinking theory, I should do the test iteration after the initial prototype design is complete. There should be a lot of missing sounds found during testing. The richer the sound, the more realistic the adventure game experience will be. Finally, perform a usability test to test whether the process and sound effects are reasonable.

TC, H. (Producer). (2022, January 01). Sea of Thieves is it Good in 2022? [Video file]. Retrieved June 9, 2022, from

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By Keyu Zhao Kory
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Published On: 09/06/2022