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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, we have been creating a story from a weekly premise “Do you drink soup or eat it? “. This sentence will be repeatedly used in the dialogue.

The story created this week is a dialogue between two office guys. The story begins as an upset office boy is sitting on a chair in lunch hour. Everyone around him walks fast and is busy. Then a tall office man sits next to him. When they are about to drink soups, the tall guy said:” Do you drink soup or eat it?”

The upset office boy is speechless and starts to think of the question. He then keeps asking himself: “ Do I drink soup or eat it?”

An hour has gone, the tall man is about to leave. The boy is frozen and turns into a stone while keeps thinking of the question which he thinks is full of mystery.

The same sentence could mean differently when people are having different moods.

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By Chow Vian Wing Yan
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Published On: 03/04/2021




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