Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Animated Narratives Week 7

This week, Yuxin and I decided to make a short video together as a Folio2 project. Our theme is “Got Drunk". Based on this theme, we discussed and wrote the Mind map and circled the scene we want to make. This short film will record the feeling of "drunk" through exaggerated descriptions of various reactions after drinking. The form of the animation can better reflect the insecurities and imbalances of the drunkenness due to the inconsistency of the character's inner thoughts and behaviors in that current situation of the scene. At the same time, the exaggerated expression of the animation can also make the audience feel empathetic and recall what happened when they were drunk. I referred to Kouchanomun’s animation work (,the "手書き", which is a combination of pictures drawn on paper or digitally Into the video. Yuxin and I will also use this animation mode to complete our work, refer to the animation format of the work, and complete the final video with pictures and simple animations.

About This Work

By Zhang Jingyi (Vida)
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Published On: 12/09/2021