Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week we were to establish the direction we are taking our work for the rest of the semester. After a bit of planning of all the projects I want to do, a 3D animated short film stood out as a good starting point to work towards my other ideas.

Creating a 3D animated film in the style I want for my game-centric projects would not only help establish the overall aesthetic but provide a good basis to learn character rigging and animation without the demand of producing the interactive portion. With that figured out, I have created a Mind Map breakdown of the project and the colour palette (spectrum screenshot above) I am wanting to work with. 

For the short, Three Pounds of Flesh, I will be heavily inspired by the design work of the Silent Hill series and the visual aesthetic of Quake, both game franchises having done a lot with very little polygons and pixels and both with themes similar to those I want to express, such as biomechanics, personal hell and surreal, stylised horror. 

My original plan was to expand upon my ideas of last week's submission, but through the process of planning and creating multiple mind maps I was able to see that this short film is a more effective use of my time and would provide me with the skills I need for the projects I want to work on in Studio 1 and beyond.

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By Bryn DC
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Published On: 27/04/2021