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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Will the tiger eat me?

The mother took her son to the zoo. Because of the hot weather, there were no tourists in the zoo. The animals lie lazily in the shadow to avoid the sun.
The boy stood in front of Tiger Park and looked at the listless tigers in the park in a daze.
The mother said: I'll go to the toilet. Don't walk away.
The boy stared at the tiger and nodded at the same time.
The boy said sadly:" it must be hard to be locked in a cage."
The tiger got up slowly and said: "it's very uncomfortable. Can you help me open the cage?"
Boy: "will you eat me?"
The tiger jokingly said:" being locked up here every day, I can't eat meat anymore. I'm a vegetarian now."
A trace of loss flashed across the boy's face. The tiger said in surprise: "do you want me to eat you?! !"
The boy shook his head and whispered:" the tigers described in my book are so powerful. They are fearless and free. They are the kings in the mountains and forests."
The tiger smiled and said: "I grew up in a cage since I was a child and have never been to the mountains."
The boy sighed, looked at the tiger with a bitter smile, and said: "Like you, I also grew up in a "cage"."
The tiger said:" little boy, please help me open the cage. I also want to see the outside world. In exchange, I'll take you away. Let's go to the mountains!!"
In the hot summer, there was no cloud in the sky, and the leaves were curled by the sun. With the sound of insects, the boy was silent. The boy looked at the tiger for a long time across the cage. The boy's quiet life without waves suddenly ripples. The boy's heart is yearning.
Suddenly the mother came back and took the boy's hand and left. The boy looked back at the tiger and said sorry. The tiger lowered his head and walked back into the shadow.....

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By Yuxin Liu (Robin)
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Published On: 08/09/2021


Animated Narratives Week 6