Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

The quarrel between brother and sister, because my brother ate my sister's snack.

sister got angry when she saw the pudding eaten after bathing, and the water drops on her body evaporated because of her anger.

"This is the 99th time that you stole my pudding! ” Say that finish, the skin becomes red, and the whole body becomes a dinosaur.

"Aha, hahaha ~" My brother laughed derisively and turned into the shape of pudding.

"Oh my God!" My brother ran away in panic.

"Give me back my pudding!" Dinosaur sister was chasing after her.

Seeing that my sister is about to catch up, "Help ~ "

Sister opened her eyes and found herself lying in bed."Oh gosh, what a dream!"

She turned to look around and found a small cake with a note attached to it. "Sorry to eat your pudding, I bought you a delicious pudding to show my apologies. - by brother"

Sister took a bite and found that the green stuffing was mustard instead of matcha. "Ayaya! Come back here !! "

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By Junzhe Yan (Jun)
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Published On: 13/09/2021